Meditation Cards, Mindfulness ,Yoga Daily Card Deck – 101+ Prompts, affirmations, guides, Insights, Practices, Exercises Set to Inspire, Awaken, Meditate & Enlighten Mind, Body, Soul & Life goals –with 2 cardholders

Meditation Cards, Mindfulness ,Yoga Daily Card Deck – 101+ Prompts, affirmations, guides, Insights, Practices, Exercises Set to Inspire, Awaken, Meditate & Enlighten Mind, Body, Soul & Life goals –with 2 cardholders

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❤️DAILY CARDS DECK: 104 ENLIGHTENED INSIGHTS: Meditate 52 days with easy, mindfulness exercises. Transform Life, find yourself, feel abundant, become attentive, conscious, mindful, gain confidence & happiness. Lose loneliness, stress, and anxieties.
✔CHAKRA YOGA CARDS, MEDITATION DÉCOR, MINDFULNESS CARDS: Beautiful, fun, portable, practical cards: 7 color-coded daily enlightenment cards with two compact cardholders - fits in pockets, sit pretty on the coffee table to aid affirmation, mindfulness.
❤️MEDITATION CARDS: Mindfulness cards deck for daily goal, inspiration, writing, journal prompts, guided meditation, daily affirmation, positivity, thought of the day, mindfulness guide, visible reminder, group or self-therapy, conversation starters.
✵MEDITATION MINDFULNESS SELF-CARE GIFT- Daily boost of empowering, enlightenment exercises are perfect meditation gifts or inspirational gifts for women, yoga gifts for men, adults, and come packaged in boxes -beautiful, giftable to cheer anyone.
💯SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Whether you are new or old to meditating, these simple, easy, yet powerful practices will bring more mindfulness to life & catapult you to fast lane of Inner journey. If you are not delighted, get a full refund in 30 days.


Meditation improves the brain, enhances total well-being, and leads to a Happy Family. Can’t stop thoughts or focus on mantras or bulky texts?

Don’t know what to meditate?

NEED the INSPIRATION TO MEDITATE? 100+ BITE SIZE Insights & Exercises for Body, Mind & Soul are the perfect solution.52 EXQUISITE CARDS AND TWO CUTE STANDS to Encourage daily meditation & incite Intuition. Easy for everyone to use, no specialized knowledge needed. Soon enough,

✔️Learn Natural, Invaluable Enlightening techniques.

✔️Learn more about yourself & Transform 7 Succeed in Life.

✔️Promote relaxation, good sleep, peace of mind, and Positivity.

✔️Minimize stress, frustration, anger, and impatience.

✔️Gain Soul Wisdom leading to increased happiness, opportunities, relationships, and abundance.


Quick, easy way to cultivate mindful moments & self-discovery—anytime and anywhere:

Tap Into the accumulated condensed Wisdom of all ages to reach a peaceful, relaxed state of meditation as you travel inward.

Each of the 52 cards has a unique topic & capsule size discernment/wisdom/to-do on the front and back.

Use them as a one-year process. 52 days, 104 days, 52 weeks!

Suggested order:


  1. (8 Red Cards) - Breath & mindfulness meditation, Cultivating attentiveness, balance, Focus, acceptance
  2. (8 Orange Cards): Anger management, Inner & outer Goals, Happiness
  3. (8 Yellow Cards) -Meaning of Life, Love Every moment, Secret of thoughts.
  4. (8 Green Cards)- Good sleep, Solution to addictions, Facing Fear, Creating Vision board
  5. (8 Light Blue Cards) - Gratitude, Attraction & Affirmation, Asking Big Questions
  6. (6 Dark Blue Cards) - Understanding Karma, Death, Blissfulness,
  7. (6 Purple Cards)- Ego, Path to Enlightenment Versatile deck


With 2 cute, desktop holders - display at the work desk, sleep stand, or as a reminder or meditative decoration.

Draw a card to meditate for a few minutes, with partner, friends, family, yoga teacher, in therapy.

Use the cards for empowering teens, as mindfulness cards, relaxation gifts for men, mindfulness gifts, meditation gifts, table topics conversation cards

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A Life-Changing GIFT for anyone. The Meditation, Mindfulness & Enlightenment Cards deck.


Enlightened Anonymous Meditation Mindfulness Enlightenment Cards

  1. 7 beautiful color-coded- Based on the seven chakras in the human body. Focusing on the practice mentioned activates the respective chakra leading to health, wealth, and happiness.
  2. Handy, Easy to carry 52 cards and stands. Easily fits back pockets and small handbags. Practice the ancient art of mindfulness meditation wherever you're at - on the bus, at home, at work, and live the life you want to live.
  3. Start from where you are - No special requirements for using these. It's great for beginners as well as advanced meditators and mindfulness practitioners.
  4. Use at office, home for relaxation, anxiety relief. Unlike other therapy tools, our mindful game engages the inquisitive minds of kids & adults during group counseling sessions. These cards are not simply a deck of affirmation cards, it is a variety of practices developed to help you feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, and relax.
  5. Great portable, cute, small gift for people you care about. Enrich and transform your Life and of loved ones.


Instructions for Meditation Mindfulness Enlightenment Cards

We wish you all the best in your life journey.


Use your Meditation, Mindfulness, and Enlightenment Cards to gain, joy, peace, attain insight, and to get inspired to fulfill your purpose.

The suggested order is 8 RED Cards (Start), 8 ORANGE Cards, 8 YELLOW Cards, GREEN Cards, LIGHT BLUE Cards, DARK BLUE Cards, VIOLET (End) Cards.


  • But, you can proceed in your way.
  • Spend at least 2-3 minutes twice a day to practice meditation.
  • Count your breaths. Slowly and keeping your focus on the message in the card (one side in the morning, other in the evening) inhale for six counts hold the breath for two and finally, breathe out for eight.
  • Think of the deeper meanings whenever you rest.
  • Don't worry if you miss practice one day. Start where you left off and start all over after you exhaust all the cards or as needed.


We wish you all the best in your life journey.


Small Cards 2.5-inch x 3.5 inch

Small cardholders. 75 mm height, 25 mm base, 33 gram each - small, cute, lightweight.


  • Use the desktop card holders to display cards at home, office.
  • Use as daily affirmation cardholder, coffee table decoration, bedside table decoration, a daily reminder.
  • Use one for husband, one for a wife or any partners, siblings, couples.
  • Excellent Self-Help Strategy for Effective Stress Management.
  • Tap Into the Wisdom of Advanced Yogis & Meditation Experts
  • Powerful Sleeping Aid for Insomnia Relief.
  • Perfect for Everyone & The Perfect Gift


Mindfulness activity cards

Card Features:

Prints on both sides of 52 cards. 52 heading topics: Printed on both sides

There are different content (card text) on the front and back sides.

Total wisdom meditations = 52 x 2 = 104 + (Two instruction cards included.)

Topics include


  • Meditation, Breath Meditation,
  • Attentiveness, Meditation Practice,
  • Maintaining Balance, Acceptance, Life Goals.


Meditation cards deck

Topics also include :


  • Spiritual Goals, Responsibility, miracles.
  • Breath, Meaning of Life, Suffering, Thoughts
  • Renunciation, Anger, Judgment, Silent meditation, Happiness, Love
  • Fall Asleep faster, addictions & solution
  • Vision board, the Fear, Energy system of Universe
  • Being centered, Karma, Gratitude
  • Impermanence, Bliss, Death, Ego
  • Enlightenment, and much more.

52 cards - pocket size deck - easy to carry in the pocket, handbag.


  • Mindfulness gift box
  • Meditation gift box
  • Enlightenment gift box
  • Cheer up gifts for best friend
  • Ice breaker question cards
  • Zen cards, Spirituality cards
  • Motivation desk accessories & Mental health therapy toys.


100+ EMPOWERING QUESTIONS FOR SELF-DISCOVERY: Read one thought-provoking question card each morning and start your day with your mind open to new perspectives. Use these journaling cards to reflect on your own mentality, reduce stress, start meaningful conversations, increase happiness or as a pick me up.

MULTIPLE USES: Use these motivational cards as daily encouragement; as a conversation starter or icebreaker, therapy games, or mindfulness games; as a useful self-help tool for counseling or helping with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety; or even as journal prompts or creative writing motivation.

PERFECT PRESENT: Perfect for counseling, team building professionals meditation lovers, or anyone who wants to take their life and happiness to the next level.

7 chakra color-coded cards for meditation, mindfulness, enlightenment


  • Meditation tool. Positive energy gifts. Mindfulness card set. Mindfulness cards. Mindfulness therapy games



Reconnect with your thoughts and behaviors and find happiness with the aid of these 50+ reflection question cards and guided daily journal. Each card contains thought-provoking questions encouraging inward reflection, promoting self-care, and teaching mindfulness. It won't be long until you feel the positive benefits:


  • Manage stress and reduce anxiety
  • Feel empowered and find confidence
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Find your inner mental calm and happiness
  • Set your goals and make them happen.Succeed in life


ENJOY LIFE: Asking empowering questions raises your vibration, boosts your confidence, and brings forth positive manifestations.

INCREASE SELF-CONFIDENCE: Mindfulness questions will help warm up your mind, be more open and flexible to new possibilities.

Each card can be used for 2 meditation sitting in 1 day or use 1 side per day.


  • Mindfulness kit. Wisdom cards
  • Recovery gifts for women
  • Table topics happiness
  • Psychotherapy gifts
  • Table topics date night
  • Insightful products. Inspirational cards for men
  • Use them with your yoga coach. Use them as writing prompts for journaling.
  • Train the mind towards responsiveness, optimism, appreciation, and creativity.


Mindfulness is A Excellent Strategy for Effective Stress Management. Perfect for Everyone

These Mindfulness Cards are perfect for anyone interested in learning how to stress less and become more present in our busy world. Perfect for: yourself, children, kids, teens, adults, client, school counseling, classroom activities, counselor gifts, coworkers, therapists, students, counselors, psychologists, family board game nights, colleagues, and/or teachers. Learn the Advanced Techniques and Wisdom of Yogis and Meditation Experts with these beautiful sets of meditation, mindfulness, and Enlightenment cards deck with two cardholders.

Cover the cards as per your comfort level 52 days, 104 days, 52 weeks, 104 weeks, 1 month, 2 months - up to you.


  • Table topics conversation cards
  • Relaxation tools for adults
  • Self-love gifts
  • Spirituality gifts for women
  • Office decor therapist
  • Inspirational office gifts
  • Table topics road trip
  • Self-improvement gifts


WHY MINDFULNESS? In this fast-paced world, we live in, it's easy to forget about self-care. Mindfulness practices can help increase your ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress & anxiety. Mindfulness goes hand in hand with learning how to stress less. It can also help you focus your attention, as well as to observe your feelings without judgment. These Mindfulness Cards are separated into 7 different chakra categories making it the most extensive mindfulness and affirmation cards in the world!

Mindfulness is one of the best ways to, be more thoughtful, calm, improve your coping skills, understand your emotions/feelings/mood without judgment, learn to focus, improve your mental health, reduce anxiety, learn meditation, learn about concentration, improve your self-esteem.


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