Shop Online ? Want to Save Shipping Fees and Less Return Trips to Store ? DO Read This..

Shop Online ? Want to Save Shipping Fees and Less Return Trips to Store ? DO Read This.. (Environment conscious shopping and returns.)

If you don't shop online from any store , you must be living under a rock for quite a while now !! Online shopping is a de-rigueur these days due to convenience, cost effectiveness and ease of accessibility from mobiles, tablets -- you got the drift. 

Online shopping has it own challenges. Let's say you found a beautiful pair of jeans at your favorite retailer at a huge sale for 25$. But you see free shipping starts at 75$ and even after searching for 20 minutes you don't find anything else which is good enough to add to cart. Or just last week you spent 500$ at Macy's and you want to stick to budget of 25$ this week.

If you don't want to pay a 10$ shipping fee for a 25$ pant you let go of the pant (why my friend - you spent so much time to find a great deal :(  don't let it go wasted)  or you order 75$ of stuff to get free shipping and after order is delivered make a trip to the store to return 55$ stuff ordered just to return.  There are a few disadvantages with this:

We feel a little guilty for doing this to Macy's - guilt is not good for us.  Also waste of our time in going to store , of the customer service doing the return. Think of the wasted effort of delivery service and personnel, the extra cartons and shipping material (which are taking a toll on our environment) used for this shipment . Of course if you enjoy the trip back to store to roam around the mall - no harm done. But if you are doing it as a chore - there is a better way.

Most often things on sale have limited sizes and are in limited quantity . Let's say you are a size 4 , sometimes depending on brands you might fit into anything between size 2-6 depending on how the specific brand's size chart is. If you order a size 2 and after delivery you realize that size 4 was appropriate - alas! it's sold out. 

Clever way is to order size you need to your home address, order the next probable sizes as 'ship to store' to your local store - making sure that you hit that free shipping limit of 75$. Most stores offer free online order pick-up. 

Now let's say you ordered size 2 to home and size 4 and 6 to store and met 75$ shipping threshold. 

1. Size 2 fits perfectly. Cha-ching . You keep it. Call your store and ask to cancel order pickup. They 'll gladly refund you or if you don't pick up in a few days they ll auto cancel.  You also helped a fellow shopper. If they wanted size 4 or 6 they can pick up from store with less waiting time. The store will be happy as they found a shopper (hint: YOU) and their time got saved from doing returns and another customer found it sooner what you ordered as the other customer would have ordered it anyway had they liked it. So win-win for all and less toll on environment.

2. Let's say size 2 does not fit. Great. You goto the store, pick up the other size item and return your size 2. You were anyway prepared to make a trip to store. Again win win for all. You made a trip to store when needed and did not face SOLD OUT issue. Somebody got a size 2 earlier thanks to you and the store got two happy customers. 

 Good to think of small things like this when we shop online next time. Just think if only 100000 people order just to return. The huge toll on all involved in getting the shipment from one point to other and the same for unnecessary return (also think of free return label shipments which could have been avoided ).

Happy Shopping !! Hope this was helpful.