How Facebook Torments Small Businesses :(

Today Facebook is the one of the biggest ad-platforms to help small businesses promote their products. Thanks Facebook. They do have policies to ensure that rogue elements don’t abuse the system and the ad system is fair to everyone. But It seems many of their automated systems throw the proverbial baby away with bath water.

As the owner of a new small business (www.yourpanoply,com) I provided all identity proof (notarized), tax id, business documents to Facebook. Spent a lot of time to create my Facebook page to reach new customers, build my product portfolio and things were going well. Facebook was making 25-30$ from my ads per day. Somehow unknowingly I violated some policy and my account got disabled by Facebook forever. Without telling me why. Their automated system asks for more documents, identity proofs, pictures and says we ‘ll get back soon. No one ever replies after submitting multiple identity docs. Because it’s a kind of black hole. Once a Facebook bot marks an account as disabled - it’s gone forever. No human ever looks at it .... I spent so much time creating Facebook page, spreading promotions for people to come to my Facebook. All is gone in a flash. NO PROPER REASON. Asked other businesses and checked online blogs - so many small businesses have the same issue. What people do is simply start a new account and forget about old and hope things work out well this time. Time and money invested in old means a lot- at least to me. Just because number of small businesses is a tiny fraction of their user base we don’t get to hear much about this. Have you ever tried to contact Facebook for anything? Need an email or phone number to talk to a person? Good luck with that :P

The other day Mark was agreeing to how Facebook has disproportionate billions of dollars. Cannot they use a teeny tiny fraction to employ some customer service to fix issues like this and help their customers and drive some employment to some people? To hear people and help them rectify their mistake. If they prove or just inform that I violated a policy for which there is no redemption I voluntarily would close my account. Big culprit (cough Russian) fish make the mess and go Scot free. While small fish (businesses) are getting the iron fish rod and the iron hand. Once a business account gets disabled all requests fall on deaf ears of automated systems (pardon all the puns). I am scared to use my personal account to run my Facebook business because if there is any mistake in my personal account it will get closed too and I ‘ll lose connection with all my friends and family. Would like to keep my business separate from private account and that’s why they have provision for separate business accounts.

It should be concerning for Facebook too. Facebook is one of the best and biggest ad systems. For things like this small businesses will eventually move in droves to google, Pinterest, twitter, snap and other new comers. 

I Love Facebook - so writing this public post as there is no other way to reach them and hope they fix this genuine issue for a lot of people. If they don’t I would be coerced to use some other ad platforms to promote my business. (www.yourpanoply.com)

Thanks & Regards,
A tormented small business owner for fakebook’s lack of customer service for account related issues.

P.S: This is the reason why fb button no longer works on our site (www. yourpanoply.com) Sorry for the inconvenience. But that won’t/can’t stop you from shopping on our site. :)